"The thing is- I stutter" Megan Washington TEDx

Posted by Ainsley Poulos - Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jul 27

A number of parents at our clinic have watched the Tedx talk by Megan Washington. She is a well known Australian singer/song writer who gave the talk - "The things is I stutter".

Typically Megan doesn't stutter when she sings, and loves singing for that reason - "it's the only time that my words come out like I intend them to".

The parents from our clinic have come in, stating that although the talk was inspiring and funny, it also really helped focus them to do therapy using the Lidcombe program with their pre-school aged children. 

If stuttering is  treated in the preschool years, most children go on to live stutter free lives, not plagued by the impact of stuttering in adulthood.



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